Trials produce endurance and move us towards maturity. We pray that you find a full measure of joy, wisdom, and maturity in every trial you face. 

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Sermon: Mark and D-Groups in the Culture

January 14, 2021

The gospel of Mark was set in a time when political turmoil was at its height. We should respond with discipleship as our first method of love and care for those around us. 

Sermon: Philippians 3

January 4, 2021

Join us as we discuss new beginnings that are centered on God's Word! 

Sermon: 1 Peter 1:1-12

December 28, 2020

Join Pastor Glen and work through 1 Peter 1:1-12. Visit us anytime on Sundays at 8, 9:30, or 11:00am. 

Sermon: Ezekiel 40-48

December 22, 2020

God purifies and preserves His people for eternity with Him. `

Ep. 3 - Making Disciples at Home Pt. 2

December 22, 2020

Join Pastor Glen and I as we discuss how to focus on missions during the Christmas season. 

Ep. 2 - A Primer on Three-D Discipleship

December 15, 2020

In this podcast I break down an introduction into discipleship through discovering, developing, and deploying. Three-D Discipleship is the foundation for many more conversations.

Sermon: Ezekiel 38-39

December 14, 2020

God has provisions and purpose in the midst of His plan for your life, even in the suffering. Catch up on Ezekiel 38-39 in the Series, Rattle. 

Sermon: Ezekiel 36-37

December 10, 2020

From the Series: Rattle, walk with us through Ezekiel 36-37. If you would like to connect with a local church or discipleship group, contact us at

Ep. 1 - Making Disciples at Home Pt. 1

December 8, 2020

As we face the Holiday season in 2020, we must keep focused on making disciples with intentionality. Let's dig into some important conversations about making disciples during the Christmas season.